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Avilose unda recipe/Roasted rice powder balls recipe

Hi friends, here is another evening snack recipe from our mother. It is called avilose unda, a traditional Syrian Christian snack very popular in Kerala. As the name means, this snacks are made from roasted rice powder. Because of the rice powder – jaggery proportions, these balls are tough and harder to break. Nowadays, people are making softer avilose undas because people have fragile teeth these days (That’s what our mother said about the softer ones bought from town). Our mother is kind enough to make the hard snack into softer in order to give it to our kids. First we make avilose podi and then make it to the avilose unda. The ingredients are minimal and it is easy to prepare (sorry for the lengthy preparation time). Hope you all will try this recipe and give us our feedback. You can also find other delicious recipes from our channel.


Rice flour – 1 kg. Coconut grated – 2 medium size. Jaggery syrup – 600 g of jaggery. Cumin seeds – 4 tsp. Cardamon powder – 2 tsp.


Take rice flour in a large pan. Mix it with coconut and 2 tsp cumin seeds. Mix well. Keep it aside for 30 minutes. Heat a large sauce pan and add the rice flour mixture. Mix it for about 1 hour. Our mother used a hand sickle to mix the rice flour mixture, it is very useful. When the mixture has turned golden in colour, our avilose podi is ready. Keep it aside. Now we can make the avilose unda. Heat up the jaggery syrup in a large pan, then add powdered cardamon and 2 tsp of cumin seeds. When the jaggery syrup gets two-strings consistency, gently add the avilose podi and keep stirring. Make balls once the mix has cooled. Coat in some more avalose podi and store in an airtight container. Our avilose unda is ready, enjoy your evening tea/coffee with this nostalgic recipe.

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